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Press Alert: Due' on The Seattle Times

New to the menu: Casarecce pasta

Due' presenting at the 2019 Fast Casual Executive Summit

This week Davide and Filippo flew to Austin, TX to present Due' at the 2019 Fast Casual Executive Summit.
About the Fast Casual Summit:
The Summit takes place every year in a different city of the US. It's a very popular event, with hundreds of participants ranging from small restuarateurs to regional and national brands, from investors to executives, and more. Due' was selected, alongside 5 other new fast-casual concepts from all around the US, to participate in the startup showcase "The Perfect Pitch", which takes place every year on the last day of the Summit.
Our presentation:
We had 5 minutes to present Due' to an audience of roughly 500 industry leaders. We talked about our concept, our menu, the Due' experience, and our vision for growing Due' into a multi-store concept. After the presentation, we had a 10 minutes Q&A session, where a panel of experts asked us questions and offered advice.
The response:
The response to our presentation was fantastic! We did not expect so much excitement for our concept and encouragement to pursue our growth plans. We came back to Seattle more energized than ever, and ready to hit the ground running with more projects.
Here are some extracts from our presentation:

Video Release: Meet Our Founders On Seattle Refined

Video Release: Due' On KOMO News' Show Seattle Refined

We are glad to announce the release of this video-interview produced by KOMO News for their segment "Seattle Refined".

Due' Cucina Italiana on KOMO's Seattle Refined

Great feature on our client, Capitol Hill's Due' Cucina Italiana with host Gaard Swanson on KOMO News's Seattle Refined's segment!

Posted by Richmond Public Relations on Friday, July 12, 2019

Video Release: Due', A Pasta Revolution

Grubhub presents: Due' Cucina, A Pasta Revolution

We are glad to announce the release of this beautiful video produced by our delivery partner Grubhub: “Due’ Cucina Italiana, A Pasta Revolution”.

In addition to showing some beautiful shots of our food, this 5-minute clip narrates the story behind our healthy pasta formula. Among the highlights, our absolute favorite is a short video-interview with chef Filippo’s dad, Massimo. Watch the video and let us know what you think!

Explore our new wine list: something for every occasion and budget

When Americans think of wine, they think of sommeliers and expensive dinners. When Italians think of wine, we think of lunch. And that’s probably why life moves just a bit slower in Europe!

Jokes aside, there is a part of the European way of understanding wine that we want to bring to the States and our clientele at Due’ because we think it’s an important part to enjoying our authentic food.

We’re introducing some changes to our wine list that we hope open the door up to enjoying and pairing wine with our food in a new way that matches your mood and occasion.

Our new wine list features a range of amazing Italian wines all organized by occasion, to help you make the right selection for both your taste and budget. We’ve increased the number of options across the board from affordable house wines for a quick lunch bite, to mid-tier wines, to more upscale options for special date nights or celebrations. There’s something for everyone and every event.

House wines

An easy pick and budget friendly

Our Italian house wines are perfect for a quick pick to go with a quick meal if you’re looking for something easy and budget-friendly. We have both a white and red option to meet both styles. Our house red is Chianti from our home of Tuscany. It’s dry with medium-to-full body and moderate tannins. Our white house option is a Pinot Grigio from the Veneto region of Italy. It’s light bodied, dry and crisp. Both a perfect pairings for a quick lunch.


Treat yourself to a nice lunch

If you’re entertaining guests or treating yourself out for a nice lunch or dinner, we’ve created this “Casually” section to help your find the right selection. They’re a tab more expensive that the house wines but still in a nice budget range for a nice lunch or informal dinner. We’ve added a few new wines here to pick from that you’ll love with your meal: look for the Barbera and Montepulciano D’Abruzzo. The Barbera is an Italian red from the Piedmont region. It’s a dry wine, medium-bodied, with earthy, berry flavors. Montepulciano D’Abruzzo is another Italian red from the Abruzzo region in the south. It’s dry as well, medium-bodied, with red fruit notes. Both are excellent choices for a casual meal.

To Celebrate

For special occasions

Our “To Celebrate” assortment is for those special events you really want something special for: birthdays, anniversaries, entertaining business meetings, etc. This selection is a bit pricier but the Italian wines are excellent and are a perfect companion to our dishes if you’re looking for an experience that really stands out. These are served bottle only and meant to share with your party (or not!). We’ve really beefed up this menu with three new fine Italian wines to choose from: a Sauvignon Blanc,  Valpolicella Ripasso, and Barbaresco. The Sauvignon Blanc is a white from the Friuli region of Italy. It’s dry with earthy flavors. The Valpolicella Ripasso is a red from the Veneto region of Italy. It has medium body and has earthy, tart berry, and herbal notes. Our most expensive option for a real treat is the Barbaresco, a red addition from the Piedmont region of Italy. It’s dry, full-bodied, has red fruit notes with a firm tannic structure.

Regardless of the occasion and where your budget is for it, be assured we have an amazing imported wine option for you that matches the authenticity and quality of our Italian food.

We hope you enjoy exploring our new wine menu!

Check out our new wine selection



Quintessential Tuscany. Dry, medium to full body, moderate tannins.


From the Veneto region, Light-bodied, dry and crisp.



From the Abruzzo region. Medium-body, dry with red fruit notes.


From Piedmont region. Dry, medium-bodied, with earthy berry flavors.


From the Sicily region. Fruity, sweet with moderate acidity.


PROSECCO (Italy)5oz / 8oz / bottle

From the Veneto region. Medium-body, dry with red fruit notes.


From the Friuli region. Dry, with earthy flavors.


From the Veneto region. Medium body, earthy, tart berries and herbs.


Dry, full-bodied, red fruits with firm tannic structure.

New menu item: Fettuccine

New pasta on the menu: Fresh Fettuccine

We're adding a classic noodle to the menu this week that is an international favorite we're sure you'll be excited about: Fettuccine. This more dense noodle is incredibly fresh and filling when made with egg-dough like we do at Due'. We'll be making delicious fettuccine noodles from egg dough fresh every day to serve as a new, hearty base for your favorite sauces.

Where fettuccine comes from:

As with most of our favorite, signature dishes here at Due', fettuccine is a traditional Tuscan and Roman type of pasta. It's long noodles are characteristically flat and thick and normally made with an egg dough for a fresh, rich taste and texture. Because it's traditionally made with egg dough, fettuccine is best made fresh and prepared with your choice of sauce right away; like we do at Due'. Often times you'll see fettuccine noodles curled up in little nests waiting to be cooked fresh or dried. You may see artisanal versions of fettuccine made with spinach along with other various dough colors and additions. Because of fettuccine's thicker noodle shape, it makes it ideal for holding thick sauces that include meat.

How Italians eat fettuccine:


We have a few suggestions of our own, as Tuscans, for how to enjoy this super traditional, well-loved pasta shape. Take advantage of this hearty noodle and pair it with a Ragu' alla Bolognese sauce for a really filling meal. This is the traditional way! Another great option we recommend is lighter white sauces like our Mushroom and Truffle sauce and a simple option of fettuccine topped with smoked salmon for something a little lighter.

This is a noodle that serves as the perfect base for your favorite sauce for a rich meal or is also incredibly satisfying all on it's own with something more simple. It's versatile and when you've had it made fresh like we do at Due', you won't be able to have it any other way! Come in and enjoy a fresh plate this weekend.


Creative Catering Ideas For The Office

Creative catering ideas for the office

Have you and your team been ordering from the same spot for months now? Is lunch together at the office getting predictable?

Or do you have a meeting coming up and want to make sure guests enjoy every detail of their time with your team?

Even though business is business, every detail, including food, makes an impression on your team and guests.

Switch things up and make your next office lunch something everyone will appreciate and remember.

Here are a few creative catering ideas for the office:

1. Go beyond the sandwich:

Sandwich platters are, for lack of a better term, played out. If you're catering to impress or treat your team, this isn't the way. It's time to step it up. We know sandwiches are normally the easiest, cheapest option, but there are plenty of alternatives that are just as easy and crowd pleasing. Let's be real, sandwiches aren't even really that crowd pleasing. Try switching it up and serving other single serving dishes like flatbreads and salads. Present an array of different styles people can choose combos like at their favorite cafe outside the office. It's a step up from the sandwich. Grabbing a Panino con Porchetta or Caprese Bruschetta and a single Marinated Egg Plant Salad is much more satisfying than a turkey and cheese sandwich. Your team or guests will appreciate it.

2. Forget box lunches, go with trays and "tapas" style:

You know what's also over done? Box lunches. Not only are they super inconvenient, but your staff likely orders the same thing every time. Instead of having to take everyone's order every time you get lunch catered to the office, surprise everyone with a buffet of new options outside of the norm. Tray dishes are a great way to serve a bigger amount of people without the hassle. They're usually more cost effective as well. For many offices, we do tray dishes of our favorites: kale pesto rigatoni, spaghetti Bolognese, and more Italian classics.

3. Bring in a mix of diet safe options without singling out:

These days, there's likely more than one person who chooses to eat differently. Instead of having to cater and single them out each time you go to make a lunch order, or god forbid, forget they exist, make their option available. There are plenty of dishes that meet dietary needs and are so delicious people won't even notice. Many restaurants these days are conscious of dietary needs and wants and work this into their menu flawlessly. Go for these options to save time, money, and to avoid missing someone. This way is much ore convenient and everyone is guaranteed a good meal. For example, we serve fresh, handmade, gluten free pasta. We have vegetarian and vegan options for sauces as well. Learn more about our dietary options for catering.

4. Go with something gourmet:

Office lunch doesn't have to mean boring and simple. Many caterers drop the ball with large orders in terms of quality. Gourmet can be catered and guests and staff will very much appreciate it. Have a restaurant that takes preparation and quality of ingredients seriously cater. All of our dishes, even though made in bulk for big office teams, are made with the same care and quality of our individual dishes in the restaurant. We made all pasta by hand the traditional way for your trays and sauces are crafted with the same quality ingredients. It doesn't have to be a budget killer, either. Our catering prices are comparable to many other options; just higher quality!

Get $30 off your first office catering order with Due' Cucina and change the meaning of "office lunch" entirely.