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Press Alert: Due' on The Seattle Times

Video Release: Meet Our Founders On Seattle Refined

Video Release: Due' On KOMO News' Show Seattle Refined

We are glad to announce the release of this video-interview produced by KOMO News for their segment "Seattle Refined".


Video Release: Due', A Pasta Revolution

Grubhub presents: Due' Cucina, A Pasta Revolution

We are glad to announce the release of this beautiful video produced by our delivery partner Grubhub: “Due’ Cucina Italiana, A Pasta Revolution”.

In addition to showing some beautiful shots of our food, this 5-minute clip narrates the story behind our healthy pasta formula. Among the highlights, our absolute favorite is a short video-interview with chef Filippo’s dad, Massimo. Watch the video and let us know what you think!

Explore our new wine list: something for every occasion and budget

When Americans think of wine, they think of sommeliers and expensive dinners. When Italians think of wine, we think of lunch. And that’s probably why life moves just a bit slower in Europe!

Jokes aside, there is a part of the European way of understanding wine that we want to bring to the States and our clientele at Due’ because we think it’s an important part to enjoying our authentic food.

We’re introducing some changes to our wine list that we hope open the door up to enjoying and pairing wine with our food in a new way that matches your mood and occasion.

Our new wine list features a range of amazing Italian wines all organized by occasion, to help you make the right selection for both your taste and budget. We’ve increased the number of options across the board from affordable house wines for a quick lunch bite, to mid-tier wines, to more upscale options for special date nights or celebrations. There’s something for everyone and every event.

House wines

An easy pick and budget friendly

Our Italian house wines are perfect for a quick pick to go with a quick meal if you’re looking for something easy and budget-friendly. We have both a white and red option to meet both styles. Our house red is Chianti from our home of Tuscany. It’s dry with medium-to-full body and moderate tannins. Our white house option is a Pinot Grigio from the Veneto region of Italy. It’s light bodied, dry and crisp. Both a perfect pairings for a quick lunch.


Treat yourself to a nice lunch

If you’re entertaining guests or treating yourself out for a nice lunch or dinner, we’ve created this “Casually” section to help your find the right selection. They’re a tab more expensive that the house wines but still in a nice budget range for a nice lunch or informal dinner. We’ve added a few new wines here to pick from that you’ll love with your meal: look for the Barbera and Montepulciano D’Abruzzo. The Barbera is an Italian red from the Piedmont region. It’s a dry wine, medium-bodied, with earthy, berry flavors. Montepulciano D’Abruzzo is another Italian red from the Abruzzo region in the south. It’s dry as well, medium-bodied, with red fruit notes. Both are excellent choices for a casual meal.

To Celebrate

For special occasions

Our “To Celebrate” assortment is for those special events you really want something special for: birthdays, anniversaries, entertaining business meetings, etc. This selection is a bit pricier but the Italian wines are excellent and are a perfect companion to our dishes if you’re looking for an experience that really stands out. These are served bottle only and meant to share with your party (or not!). We’ve really beefed up this menu with three new fine Italian wines to choose from: a Sauvignon Blanc,  Valpolicella Ripasso, and Barbaresco. The Sauvignon Blanc is a white from the Friuli region of Italy. It’s dry with earthy flavors. The Valpolicella Ripasso is a red from the Veneto region of Italy. It has medium body and has earthy, tart berry, and herbal notes. Our most expensive option for a real treat is the Barbaresco, a red addition from the Piedmont region of Italy. It’s dry, full-bodied, has red fruit notes with a firm tannic structure.

Regardless of the occasion and where your budget is for it, be assured we have an amazing imported wine option for you that matches the authenticity and quality of our Italian food.

We hope you enjoy exploring our new wine menu!

Check out our new wine selection



Quintessential Tuscany. Dry, medium to full body, moderate tannins.


From the Veneto region, Light-bodied, dry and crisp.



From the Abruzzo region. Medium-body, dry with red fruit notes.


From Piedmont region. Dry, medium-bodied, with earthy berry flavors.


From the Sicily region. Fruity, sweet with moderate acidity.


PROSECCO (Italy)5oz / 8oz / bottle

From the Veneto region. Medium-body, dry with red fruit notes.


From the Friuli region. Dry, with earthy flavors.


From the Veneto region. Medium body, earthy, tart berries and herbs.


Dry, full-bodied, red fruits with firm tannic structure.

New menu item: Vegan bean ragout

New menu item: Vegan Bean Ragout

We’re bringing you another Tuscan classic made our way at Due’. Look out this week as we add Vegan Bean Ragout to our menu.

With our new Vegan Bean Ragout, we've created our own, modern version of the authentic Italian dish Pasta & Fagioli. In the United States, you know this dish as “Pasta Fasul” as well, derived from the traditional name. Though you’re likely familiar with this pasta and bean dish, it has a long standing history in Italy. It’s arguably the “national” dish of Italy in the sense that every region honors and has its own rendition of this favorite. This dish is said to be originally from the Campania part of Italy and, as many Italian classics, began as a ‘Cucina Povera’ or food of the poor. It’s simple ingredients reflect this but it’s rich flavors ensured this dish one served across Italy and the world for generations. It’s one of the best expressions of this Italian culinary heritage.


Our modern take:

For the base of our ragout, we use a rich blend of Heirloom black valentines beans, Navy beans, and Garbanzo beans. At Due’, we’ve modernized the dish with the use of sourdough breadcrumbs and crispy aromatic herbs. We also pay even further homage to Tuscany by adding black cabbage, as a nod to Tuscanian cabbage soup "Ribollita". This adds a hearty, veggie-base that is perfect for a warm winter meal.

This dish is by nature vegetarian but you can request we make it vegan for you! If none of that appeal to you and you’re a meat eater, we can also add in homemade pork sausage for a rich, hearty meal. Pair this dish with a glass of Chianti and you have the ultimate Tuscanian experience.

Come in and try our version of this all-Italian classic this week!

We’re Introducing A New Kind Of Pasta To Our Menu: Egg-dough Pasta

Pasta is so much more diverse than most people know and we want to bring you a real, authentic variety. Starting this week, Due’ will be offering you four types of pasta to choose from: classic pasta, our own “healthy pasta”, gluten-free pasta and now egg-dough pasta.

Let us tell you a bit more about pasta and the various types you can choose from at Due’ only:

1. Classic Pasta:

Classic pasta is the pasta you are likely used to (though making it fresh everyday like us makes a big difference). It is made with traditional durum wheat flour, also known as semolina. It’s the classic pasta taste you’re likely used to but made fresh everyday, the authentic way, with high-quality, sustainable grains.  We offer classic pasta in paccheri, spaghetti, fusilli and bucatini right now.

2. Healthy Pasta:

You may be thinking this is a miracle, and you’re (almost) right! Healthy pasta is made from own our proprietary formula that combines eight different types of grains and bean flours. The result is less carbs, more proteins, and more vitamins and fibers, while still maintaining an Italian texture and the "al dente" bite we love of traditional pasta. This is something you can only enjoy at Due’! We currently offer healthy pasta in campanelle and spaghetti.

3. Gluten-free Pasta:

Here’s another exclusive creation of ours to give a wide variety of choices so everyone can enjoy quality, authentic pasta. Our Italian pasta texture and taste comes also in a gluten free form that anyone conscious of that can enjoy. Right now, Rigatoni comes gluten free!

4. Brand New: Egg- dough Pasta:

We’re now adding a fourth pasta option: egg-dough pasta. In Italian, it’s known as “pasta fresca all'uovo”. This type of pasta contains egg and low-gluten flour which is much different from the semolina used in classic pasta. It is never dried and is made fresh. Thanks to the egg addition, it cooks in half the time and the texture is much softer. This type of pasta has a different history than classic durum wheat pasta. It originates from the northern regions of Italy, in particular, the Emilia Romagna region. Other classics that come from the region are bolognese, lasagne, tagliatelle, and tortellini, which are often made of or paired with egg-dough pasta. Egg-dough pasta can come in many shapes but the most common are tagliatelle, fettuccine, ravioli, and lasagne. Right now at Due’ we are offering egg-dough Tonnarelli, or Spaghetti alla chitarra. This shape is commonly used in central Italy, the Lazio and Abruzzo region. It is the perfect pairing for our new Cacio & Pepe sauce. In a few weeks, we'll offer a new shape to keep things fun!

Egg-dough’s unique taste, texture, and freshness is something that will reinvent pasta for you and add a new exciting option to create an amazing dish each time you come in. We’re excited to be continually offering new options and a taste of real Italian culture!



Why Due’ Cucina is the best Italian catering for any event in Seattle

Due’ Cucina has the perfect authentic yet modern Italian catering menu sure to please the crowd at any event

Let’s be honest, who you choose to cater can make or break your event. With food, you can create a welcoming and top notch atmosphere where guests feel valuable and treated to something special. Catering is a huge part of your event planning process but it can also be big pain to tackle. Finding the right menu and team you trust to carry it out can be difficult. You have one shot!

When in doubt, go Italian:

Everyone deep down gets a little excited when pasta and pizza are involved. That’s just the magic of Italian. When catering to a large crowd with unknown or diverse tastes, it’s difficult to pick something that will please everyone. With other cuisines, it’s a bigger risk. Italian, especially in the traditional way we cook, has something for every taste preference in large crowd-friendly quantities. Event-sized quantities of traditional pastas, pizzas, and salads are an easy way to make sure everyone finds something they like and gets enough to eat without a hassle.

Authentic, traditionally prepared dishes:

We serve Italian in the style that we grew up with in Italy. Our story is a part of our food and that experience is passed on to our customers. Your guests will enjoy the best, most authentic recipes from our families. This is not like every other pasta and pizza delivery. Our recipes are authentic and our pasta is made by hand in the traditional way for a difference your guests will see and taste. We use high quality ingredients for vibrant and fresh meals like our own families’ kitchens are catering your event. Our team takes tradition and quality seriously for an experience you can’t match with other Italian catering.

We (literally) cater to all needs:

Yes, we’re traditional but we’re not totally out of the loop. Of course, we know there may be guests at your event with diet limitations and we’ve got that covered. We make our traditional pasta gluten-free for guests who want to finally enjoy amazing gluten-free pasta. Easily, we can adhere to other diet restrictions like vegetarianism and allergies upon request. Our goal is that all guests, no matter what their diet restrictions are, to enjoy an outstanding, authentic Italian experience. Going that extra step will make your event positive and memorable for everyone.

Well priced for your budget:

Just because we outperform other Italian catering and stick to high quality ingredients doesn’t mean you have to pay outlandish prices. We’re fairly and affordably priced. You pay per person and we deliver you a spread of your choice dishes that your group can pick and choose from for themselves. It’s an easy way to make sure everyone gets enough food, has options, and you pay a fair price. No sending out menu options ahead of time and counting off names. Plus, our delivery fee is never more than $50. The way we do things makes catering to any sized group affordable, convenient, and fool proof.

Fast, flexible, and reliable service:

We’re quite easy to work with. We understand that with event planning on any scale, schedules and details are all tentative. All we ask is that we ask is that if you’re serving 50+ people, we get a 72 hour heads up. If plans change, cancel within 48 hours and you get a full refund. Everything your guests need to enjoy their meal is included at delivery. We’re willing to work with you to provide everything you need to create an exceptional event on your schedule.

Explore the catering packages here and book with us soon to create an unforgettable experience


Due' Cucina wants you to eat more pasta... by bringing the best, most authentic pasta to Seattle in a new way.

Due’ Cucina wants you to eat more pasta… by bringing the best, most authentic pasta to Seattle in a new way

The Seattle food scene is a hotbed of direct international influence brought directly by talented chefs and long running family tradition from places far from the West Coast. As internationals at home here in Seattle, we appreciate the multi-cultural influence and feel right at home as well as excited to express our roots. We've been eager since we opened to bring our traditional, authentic pasta in a modern way.

But this doesn’t mean we don’t recognize a couple of cultural differences…

We, Italians, eat pasta every single day.

We’ve noticed for Americans, pasta and Italian food in general is maybe a once a month event. It’s so native to us and our Mediterranean diet, it’s interesting. Americans associate Italian food with “dining out” and white tablecloth restaurants that you reserve for a night once a month. We associated it with our own kitchens, homes, cafes, lunch spots, and light meals throughout our weeks.

We’ve also noticed Americans will go for Mexican, Chinese, Japanese, etc. multiple times per week but Italian is off the table (no pun intended).

So why do we Italians eat Italian food every day and Americans aren’t?

There are a couple of factors we’ve identified that might keep Italian food as a special occasion and not an ‘every day’ option:

The average price of Italian food is higher than others and restaurants are more "formal". Americans feel there are repetitive options for Italian food. There is a stigma that Italian food is not convenient and takes a long time to enjoy. American also feel Italian food is "heavy" or too unhealthy to have more than once or twice a month.

We want to change the perception of Italian food and create an option that Americans can see as a weekday lunch option, weekday and weekend dinner option, and intrinsic part of their lifestyle.

Due Cucina offers authentic and impeccably-made Italian in a way that fits into the your weekly schedule and budget with a diversity you’ll never get tired of. That’s something we’ve noticed that is really misinterpreted about Italian food: it’s always a heavy pasta and pizza. Real authentic Italian is mediterranean, clean, fresh, and diverse and yet simple. We’ve created a menu that reflects real Italian.

Our approach to our menu serves to reinvent Italian food and serve Seattle authentic pasta:

We just ditch the Italian restaurant formality and bring you closer to what we know in Italian as well-made authentic food for all occasions.

We think you should experience the way we eat at pasta and Italian food home and have the option of authentic, gourmet, crafted in our traditional style in a convenient and well priced location.

We’ve created Due Cucina’s environment and menu with this in mind. Explore our menu now.