Due' Cucina wants you to eat more pasta... by bringing the best, most authentic pasta to Seattle in a new way.

October 16, 2018

Due’ Cucina wants you to eat more pasta… by bringing the best, most authentic pasta to Seattle in a new way

The Seattle food scene is a hotbed of direct international influence brought directly by talented chefs and long running family tradition from places far from the West Coast. As internationals at home here in Seattle, we appreciate the multi-cultural influence and feel right at home as well as excited to express our roots. We've been eager since we opened to bring our traditional, authentic pasta in a modern way.

But this doesn’t mean we don’t recognize a couple of cultural differences…

We, Italians, eat pasta every single day.

We’ve noticed for Americans, pasta and Italian food in general is maybe a once a month event. It’s so native to us and our Mediterranean diet, it’s interesting. Americans associate Italian food with “dining out” and white tablecloth restaurants that you reserve for a night once a month. We associated it with our own kitchens, homes, cafes, lunch spots, and light meals throughout our weeks.

We’ve also noticed Americans will go for Mexican, Chinese, Japanese, etc. multiple times per week but Italian is off the table (no pun intended).

So why do we Italians eat Italian food every day and Americans aren’t?

There are a couple of factors we’ve identified that might keep Italian food as a special occasion and not an ‘every day’ option:

The average price of Italian food is higher than others and restaurants are more "formal". Americans feel there are repetitive options for Italian food. There is a stigma that Italian food is not convenient and takes a long time to enjoy. American also feel Italian food is "heavy" or too unhealthy to have more than once or twice a month.

We want to change the perception of Italian food and create an option that Americans can see as a weekday lunch option, weekday and weekend dinner option, and intrinsic part of their lifestyle.

Due Cucina offers authentic and impeccably-made Italian in a way that fits into the your weekly schedule and budget with a diversity you’ll never get tired of. That’s something we’ve noticed that is really misinterpreted about Italian food: it’s always a heavy pasta and pizza. Real authentic Italian is mediterranean, clean, fresh, and diverse and yet simple. We’ve created a menu that reflects real Italian.

Our approach to our menu serves to reinvent Italian food and serve Seattle authentic pasta:

We just ditch the Italian restaurant formality and bring you closer to what we know in Italian as well-made authentic food for all occasions.

We think you should experience the way we eat at pasta and Italian food home and have the option of authentic, gourmet, crafted in our traditional style in a convenient and well priced location.

We’ve created Due Cucina’s environment and menu with this in mind. Explore our menu now.






available for iOS and Android


available for iOS and Android

We bring authentic Italian cuisine with no compromises. Fresh, local and affordable!
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