We're Making Our Pasta Even More Special: Introducing Green Lasagna

January 22, 2019

We’re switching things up yet again and adding something special to our loved fresh egg-dough noodles: spinach.

So don’t be surprised to see new green lasagna gracing tables soon.

It’s a funny thing to call a menu item “new” when it’s origin dates back not only to our traditional Italian homes in Tuscany but to Roman times. Lasagna was originally an ancient roman creation of layered meat and pasta sheets; aptly named from the roman word “laganum” for square sheets.

Our beloved lasagna really hit the height of popularity in the middle ages where our variation of this dish began. During the renaissance, the brilliance of egg dough pasta and layering cheese and meat was introduced. In the 17th century, we were gifted tomato sauce from Naples and the all-Italian masterpiece was complete.

We’re going with green for our egg-dough lasagna noodles, following the tradition of Bologna of the Emilia-Romagna region. We add spinach to our handmade egg-dough noodles and layer them with traditional bolognese, homemade bechamel, and the perfect assortment of cheeses then bake to perfection.

Enjoy this Italian classic made the traditional way now at Due’!



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