Healthy Pasta

Our proprietary blend of 7 healthy grains makes up our healthy pasta. Developed by one our our co-founders, Filippo Fiori, this mix includes two ancient grains, organic Teff and Quinoa, along with Lupin bean and a few other secret grains. This one will provide a boost of both protein and fiber, to keep you energized for the day ahead. It also has less carbohydrates, so you wont feel sluggish or the need to take a nap! The light earthy flavor pairs perfectly with our Mushroom and White Truffle Oil sauce.

Classic Pasta

Classic as it sounds, is classic. Our Nona made this one. Simply mix semolina and the perfect amount of water to create this dough. And of course, it tastes great with everything, that’s why its a classic. 

Pictured: Healthy Campanelle and Classic Casarecce