Why Due’ Cucina is the best Italian catering for any event in Seattle

October 20, 2018

Due’ Cucina has the perfect authentic yet modern Italian catering menu sure to please the crowd at any event

Let’s be honest, who you choose to cater can make or break your event. With food, you can create a welcoming and top notch atmosphere where guests feel valuable and treated to something special. Catering is a huge part of your event planning process but it can also be big pain to tackle. Finding the right menu and team you trust to carry it out can be difficult. You have one shot!

When in doubt, go Italian:

Everyone deep down gets a little excited when pasta and pizza are involved. That’s just the magic of Italian. When catering to a large crowd with unknown or diverse tastes, it’s difficult to pick something that will please everyone. With other cuisines, it’s a bigger risk. Italian, especially in the traditional way we cook, has something for every taste preference in large crowd-friendly quantities. Event-sized quantities of traditional pastas, pizzas, and salads are an easy way to make sure everyone finds something they like and gets enough to eat without a hassle.

Authentic, traditionally prepared dishes:

We serve Italian in the style that we grew up with in Italy. Our story is a part of our food and that experience is passed on to our customers. Your guests will enjoy the best, most authentic recipes from our families. This is not like every other pasta and pizza delivery. Our recipes are authentic and our pasta is made by hand in the traditional way for a difference your guests will see and taste. We use high quality ingredients for vibrant and fresh meals like our own families’ kitchens are catering your event. Our team takes tradition and quality seriously for an experience you can’t match with other Italian catering.

We (literally) cater to all needs:

Yes, we’re traditional but we’re not totally out of the loop. Of course, we know there may be guests at your event with diet limitations and we’ve got that covered. We make our traditional pasta gluten-free for guests who want to finally enjoy amazing gluten-free pasta. Easily, we can adhere to other diet restrictions like vegetarianism and allergies upon request. Our goal is that all guests, no matter what their diet restrictions are, to enjoy an outstanding, authentic Italian experience. Going that extra step will make your event positive and memorable for everyone.

Well priced for your budget:

Just because we outperform other Italian catering and stick to high quality ingredients doesn’t mean you have to pay outlandish prices. We’re fairly and affordably priced. You pay per person and we deliver you a spread of your choice dishes that your group can pick and choose from for themselves. It’s an easy way to make sure everyone gets enough food, has options, and you pay a fair price. No sending out menu options ahead of time and counting off names. Plus, our delivery fee is never more than $50. The way we do things makes catering to any sized group affordable, convenient, and fool proof.

Fast, flexible, and reliable service:

We’re quite easy to work with. We understand that with event planning on any scale, schedules and details are all tentative. All we ask is that we ask is that if you’re serving 50+ people, we get a 72 hour heads up. If plans change, cancel within 48 hours and you get a full refund. Everything your guests need to enjoy their meal is included at delivery. We’re willing to work with you to provide everything you need to create an exceptional event on your schedule.

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available for iOS and Android

We bring authentic Italian cuisine with no compromises. Fresh, local and affordable!
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