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New menu item:  Uccelletto beans and sausage

Traditional Tuscan food in Seattle: Uccelletto beans and sausage

We’ve brought another Tuscan classic to Seattle

Americans tend to think that Italian food means pizza and pasta only. We aim to change that perception by introducing Seattle to the classic and diverse dishes from our native Tuscany. Italian food goes far beyond repetitive options and this dish is just one of many examples we’re happy to add to our menu. 

The full Italian name is “Fagiloi a guisa d’uccellini” which would translate to “beans in the manner of birds”. But we’ll just call it “Uccelletto”, little birds, beans and sausage which we’re sure makes a bit more sense! The dish is traditionally made with Cannellini beans, garlic, sage, tomato puree, and olive oil, creating a distinct flavor. We saute the garlic and olive oil together and season with characteristic sage before adding in the beans and tomatoes and further cooking together for an incredibly flavorful dish. Normally, this can be found just as a vegetarian dish in this style but we’re serving another rendition that includes Italian Sausage to make it a bit more hearty. We’ve taken the sausage quality seriously. We make the sausage in house with a traditional Tuscan sausage recipe using a sausage stuffing machine we’ve brought in just to perfect dishes like this! 

Though we’ve paid homage to tradition, we’ve added a little American twit to provide a fresh, modern feel to this traditional dish: California heirloom beans in place of Cannellini. It’s our tribute to our home and our new home, integrated into one. 

It’s a simple dish with relatively simple ingredients, so we’ve really pulled out all the stops to make this modern take on a very classic dish of our home a truly quality dish. As always at Due’, quality of ingredients and preparation are what make our dishes outstanding. 

Come in an enjoy this new dish beginning this week!