New to the menu: Classic Rigatoni Pasta Shape

January 15, 2019

A brand new shape: Rigatoni

There are approximately 350 different pasta shapes out there but Rigatoni is one of the few that stands out as a favorite in both Italy and the United States. Back at home in Italy, it’s particularly a favorite of the south of Italy and Sicily for their traditional dishes.

Rigatoni is like a Ziti or Penne but a little bigger with ridged edges that hold sauce and grated cheese perfectly. It’s name comes from the word “rigato”, meaning ridged. It’s ideal for both heavy sauces and simple dishes as it holds the flavor in every bite.

The Story:

Rigatoni is an integral and long-standing pasta traditional in all Italian cuisine. More specifically, it’s believed the origins of Rigatoni are in Rome. It’s prevalence today is everywhere, in all regions’ traditional dishes, but most particularly in the middle and south of Italy. It’s made with semolina flour, traditionally and is cooked al dente to retain its durability. Because of it’s hearty shape and durable structure, it’s normally used for meat sauces or vegetable based sauces with cream. It holds sauces well and doesn’t collapse like other shapes.

Our Suggestion:

We stick to the authentic style here at Due’ and are now serving you Rigatoni handmade as an option with our dishes. Our recommendation? Rigatoni at Due’ is perfect with our Pomodoro sauce, a vegetarian tomato sauce. Our Pomodoro is made with a perfectly seasoned plum tomato sauce, baby spinach, and topped with Sardinian salted Ricotta. The Rigatoni shape is perfect for this hearty sauces and traditional cheese and is one of our favorite dishes.

We’re excited to be able to share another Italian favorite done the authentic way, made by hand, at Due’!




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