HOw it works

  • Order from Dué and earn 10 points for every dollar spent (excludes tips and taxes).
  • All orders placed in-store or online through the Dué website or mobile app are eligible for reward points.
  • Every time you hit 2,500 points, you get $10 off your next order.
  • Additionally, you'll be able to redeem points on merchandising and other rewards. As soon as you become eligible for a reward, you'll receive a message in Dué App.
  • Other benefits for members include special offers, exclusive deals, and be notified first about what's new at Dué!

frequently asked questions

How do I sign up for dué rewards?

Search "Due' Cucina" in the App Store (Apple) or Google Play Store (Android). Download the app to your smartphone, create an account, and you are done.

how do I earn points?

When you order online on the Dué website or mobile app, you'll accrue points automatically.

When you order in-store, make sure to log in in to your account with the email address associated with your account (if ordering at a self-service kiosk), or to provide your email address to our team (if ordering with a cashier).

what rewards do you offer?

Currently, we are offering the following rewards:

  • $10 discount after you earn 2,500 loyalty points.
  • Free Dué Face Mask after you earn 2,000 loyalty points.
  • Access to member-only discounts and promotions.

We are planning to add more rewards soon! Please note that rewards will change over time, and that we reserve the right to change the rewards available for redemption at any point in time.

how DO I redeem a reward or special offer?

Every time you become eligible for a reward, you will receive a notification in the Dué App with instructions on how to redeem.

How to redeem discounts on online orders on the Dué website or mobile app: click on the "APPLY OFFER" button at check-out, and select the offer you want to apply.

How to redeem discounts on dine-in orders: when you are at the ordering counter with one of our team members, open your app, select the offer you want to redeem, and click on "REDEEM". This will open a screen with a barcode: show it to our team member, who will scan it and apply it to your order.

How to redeem other rewards and prizes: follow the instructions provided in the notification.

how long does it take for points to be deposited into my account?

Points will be credited on your account within 24 hours from the time of your order.

can i earn points for orders on uber eats, doordash or grubhub?

No, purchases made on third-party sites like Uber Eats, Doordash, Postmates, Caviar or Grubhub are not eligible for points. Points are accrued only when shopping directly from Dué Cucina.

can i Earn points for catering orders?

No, catering orders are not eligible for loyalty point accrual.

can i Sign up without downloading the app?

Yes, you can! Just visit duecucina.com, click on "Order Now" and create an account. After signing up, you will be able to place orders and manage your loyalty account from our website.


available for iOS and Android


available for iOS and Android

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