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Our Pastas

Pick your favorite pasta sauce and pair it with one of our rotating pasta shapes available. The current offering includes campanelle, rigatoni, casarecce, spaghetti, and egg-dough fettuccine. Healthy and Gluten-free pasta are also available. All our pasta is extruded daily in the pasta lab right inside our restaurant.

  • Traditional Bolognese Ragu
    Ground pork and ground beef slowly simmered in a tomato sauce flavored with red and white wine, topped with Parmigiano Reggiano cheese.
  • Aglio & Olio (Vegan)
    Organic roasted garlic, parsley tossed in olive oil. Topped with sourdough breadcrumbs and szechuan infused olive oil.
  • Mushroom & White Truffle oil
    Vegetarian dish with shiitake and cremini mushrooms, white Italian truffle oil, cream, finished with pecorino romano and dill olive oil. Add homemade pork sausage for $2.40.
  • Smoked Salmon
    Smoked salmon, creme fraiche, spinach, topped with pine nuts and capers.
  • Pomodoro (Vegetarian)
    Plum tomatoes sauce, baby spinach, topped with Sardinian salted ricotta.
  • Kale Pesto (Vegetarian)
    Kale, walnuts, almonds, olive oil and parmesan cheese. Topped with flash fried kale and salted ricotta cheese.
  • Lamb Meatballs
    Lamb meatballs in red sauce, topped with pecorino romano and dill-infused EVOO.
  • Amatriciana
    Tomato sauce, onions, house-cured pancetta, pecorino romano and parsley.
  • Cacio & Pepe
    Creamy (without cream!) sauce with 16-month aged Pecorino Romano DOP, 24-month aged Parmigiano Reggiano, Tellicherry and Talawak peppers.
  • Bean Ragout
    Navy and Garbanzo beans, black cabbage topped with Parmigiano cheese, sourdough breadcrumbs and crispy aromatic herbs. Add homemade pork sausage for $2.40.

Filippo's Specials

Chef Filippo's interpretation of iconic Italian regional dishes.

  • Panino con Porchetta
    Slow roast pork belly, crispy crackling and kale pesto in Ciabatta square roll. Contains nuts.
  • Lasagna alla Bolognese
    Traditional bolognese sauce and homemade bechamel layered in egg dough pasta, baked in the oven.
  • Eggplant Parmigiana
    Fried eggplants with tomato sauce, caciocavallo and parmigiano cheese.

Appetizers & Sides

  • Caprese Bruschetta
    Organic tomato, kale pesto, and mozzarella on a roasted sourdough bread slice. Contains nuts.
  • Bell Pepper Bruschetta
    Roasted bell peppers, arugula, capers and garlic over a roasted sourdough bread slice.


  • Side salad
    Mixed green, Castelvetrano olives, salted ricotta, and balsamic vinaigrette.
  • Marinated Eggplant Salad
    Grilled eggplants marinated in a balsamic vinaigrette on a mixed green salad with watermelon radish, carrot and onion. Topped with smoked ricotta and a balsamic dressing.


Authentic Italian desserts, all prepared in house.

  • Tiramisu
    Ladyfinger soaked in espresso coffee and marsala liquor layered between a mascarpone egg cream and topped with chocolate chunks.
  • Panna Cotta
    Our "cooked cream", made with thickened vanilla cream and covered with a raspberry compote.


  • Lemoncocco (can)
  • Jones Cola (bottle)
  • Jones Cream Soda (bottle)
  • Jones Orange Cream Soda (bottle)
  • Jones Root Beer (bottle)
  • Kombucha Green Jasmine
  • Kombucha Original Ginger
  • San Pellegrino Sparkling Water (bottle)


Proudly serving Mr. Espresso Oakwood Roasted Coffee

  • Single Espresso
  • Double Espresso
  • Americano

  • Wine & Beer Menu

House Wines

Great wines that are easy to drink and affordable. Perfect for a quick lunch bite or a solo weekday dinner.

  • Chianti by the glass (5oz, 8oz)
    $6.40 - $9.20
  • Chianti bottle
  • Pinot Grigio by the glass (5oz, 8oz)
    $6.00 - $8.80
  • Pinot Grigio bottle


Wanna raise your wine game a little bit? This section provides you with excellent wine choices that won't break the bank.

  • Montepulciano D'Abruzzo by the glass (5oz, 8oz)
    $7.00 - $9.80
  • Montepulciano D'Abruzzo bottle
  • Barbera by the glass (5oz, 8oz)
    $7.20 - $10.00
  • Barbera bottle
  • Grillo Terre Siciliane bottle

To Celebrate

Our most premium selection. Are you are a wine connoisseur, or looking for an unique wine to celebrate a special event? These wines are for you! Available only by the bottle.

  • Prosecco bottle
  • Sauvignon Blanc bottle
  • Valpolicella Ripasso bottle
  • Barbaresco bottle

Beer & Cider

  • Flying Lion - Another IPA pint
  • Flying Lion - German Pilsner pint
  • Birra Peroni bottle
  • Schilling Cider can
Bringing authentic Italian cuisine to PNW with no compromises. Fresh, local and affordable!
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