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We’re Introducing A New Kind Of Pasta To Our Menu: Egg-dough Pasta

Pasta is so much more diverse than most people know and we want to bring you a real, authentic variety. Starting this week, Due’ will be offering you four types of pasta to choose from: classic pasta, our own “healthy pasta”, gluten-free pasta and now egg-dough pasta.

Let us tell you a bit more about pasta and the various types you can choose from at Due’ only:

1. Classic Pasta:

Classic pasta is the pasta you are likely used to (though making it fresh everyday like us makes a big difference). It is made with traditional durum wheat flour, also known as semolina. It’s the classic pasta taste you’re likely used to but made fresh everyday, the authentic way, with high-quality, sustainable grains.  We offer classic pasta in paccheri, spaghetti, fusilli and bucatini right now.

2. Healthy Pasta:

You may be thinking this is a miracle, and you’re (almost) right! Healthy pasta is made from own our proprietary formula that combines eight different types of grains and bean flours. The result is less carbs, more proteins, and more vitamins and fibers, while still maintaining an Italian texture and the "al dente" bite we love of traditional pasta. This is something you can only enjoy at Due’! We currently offer healthy pasta in campanelle and spaghetti.

3. Gluten-free Pasta:

Here’s another exclusive creation of ours to give a wide variety of choices so everyone can enjoy quality, authentic pasta. Our Italian pasta texture and taste comes also in a gluten free form that anyone conscious of that can enjoy. Right now, Rigatoni comes gluten free!

4. Brand New: Egg- dough Pasta:

We’re now adding a fourth pasta option: egg-dough pasta. In Italian, it’s known as “pasta fresca all'uovo”. This type of pasta contains egg and low-gluten flour which is much different from the semolina used in classic pasta. It is never dried and is made fresh. Thanks to the egg addition, it cooks in half the time and the texture is much softer. This type of pasta has a different history than classic durum wheat pasta. It originates from the northern regions of Italy, in particular, the Emilia Romagna region. Other classics that come from the region are bolognese, lasagne, tagliatelle, and tortellini, which are often made of or paired with egg-dough pasta. Egg-dough pasta can come in many shapes but the most common are tagliatelle, fettuccine, ravioli, and lasagne. Right now at Due’ we are offering egg-dough Tonnarelli, or Spaghetti alla chitarra. This shape is commonly used in central Italy, the Lazio and Abruzzo region. It is the perfect pairing for our new Cacio & Pepe sauce. In a few weeks, we'll offer a new shape to keep things fun!

Egg-dough’s unique taste, texture, and freshness is something that will reinvent pasta for you and add a new exciting option to create an amazing dish each time you come in. We’re excited to be continually offering new options and a taste of real Italian culture!





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