The Dué Way: Guanciale

November 18, 2019

Homemade Guanciale


At Dué we make our guanciale from scratch to make sure that it is up to the Dué standard! And to honor the authenticity of our Italian dishes, the recipe for our spice mixture is straight from Tuscany. It’s all in the family; the recipe mixture is from Head Chef Filippo’s grandfather!

One of our responsibilities as a restaurant is to buy local to keep our global carbon footprint small, and to treat our ingredients with the utmost respect. Keeping in this, we source our pork cheek from Pure Country farms to ensure that our locally raised pork is free range, and never introduced to antibiotics or GMOs.

Guanciale, not to be mistaken for pancetta or bacon, is made from a thick cut of pork cheek, and cured in our spice mixture for at least 5 weeks. This Italian style of rich, crisp, and melt in your mouth goodness is in 3 of our most traditional dishes: Amatriciana, Cacio & Pepe, and the seasonal dish, Carbonara.



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