The Dué Way: Ricotta

December 16, 2019

Salted or Smoked?

Like our Parmigiano, we made sure to import the most authentic parts of Italian cuisine from Italy. That means the ricotta too! Ricotta differs from the Parmigiano in the way that it is both softer and sweeter. But in the same sense, it is the perfect ingredient to garnish our pasta dishes. We currently carry both a Smoked Ricotta, and a Sardinian Salted Ricotta.

We get this one a lot: "Are there sardines in the ricotta..?" No! At Dué our Sardinian Salted Ricotta is from Sardinia! This Italian island possesses a beautiful open pasture in which sheep roam freely. The sheep's milk is then used to create the ricotta. Ricotta made there is then salted with sea salt that is also harvested from the waters of Sardinia. Nothing fishy about it!

Try these ingredients in our Pomodoro and Kale Pesto!



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