New to the menu: Casarecce pasta

November 14, 2019

Welcome Casarecce! [Cah-sa-rech-ee]

We are really excited to introduce our newest fresh pasta shape, Casarecce! [Said cah-sa-rech-ee.] Casarecce, which literally means "homemade", is a short twist of pasta with curled edges and a groove down the middle. This shape originates from southern Italy, more specifically from the island of Sicily, although nowadays it can be found pretty much anywhere in Italy. And starting today, also in Seattle, freshly extruded in our Capitol Hill location!

To cater the needs of every one, we make this small spirally pasta in both our classic semolina version,  as well as in a gluten-free version. Both are perfect with a range of sauces: as your server for pairing recommendations.

Photo: Casarecce with Pomodoro sauce and baby spinach.
Pomodoro casarecce


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